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One of Murdoch's "selfies". December 2013.

Murdoch Wright is the founder and owner of the Nine-Inch-N41L5 account on deviantART.

Online presenceEdit

Murdoch has the skills to use a computer and has been online since 2007 (which is actually a rough estimation). Seven years have passed since then. She has mainly had an online presence on deviantART.

  • 2007: First YouTube account, Genra01.
  • November 2008: First deviantART account, Bluebelt360.
  • 2009: Moved to Bluebelt360 (YouTube).
  • September 2009: First iScribble account, Purplebelt.
  • 2010: Moved to TheNetworkAces (YouTube).
  • August 2010: Moved to TheNetworkAces (deviantART).
  • July 2011: Moved to TheNetworkAcesII (deviantART).
  • August 2012: Moved to Nine-Inch-N41L5 (deviantART).
  • 2012: Creation of the Tumblr account which is now known as
  • 2012: Moved to NineInchN41L5 (YouTube).

Personal lifeEdit

Murdoch Wright (also known by her birth name of Pandora Wright, born March 27th 1997), is a digital artist; creative writer and poet. She was born in south east London and currently resides there to this day.